Participation in an international conference

GCO participants with Dr Venkat Pulla

GCO participants from BiH with Dr Venkat Pulla

Members of the GCO community participated in an international conference held in Sarajevo in September 2011. Fedja Kulenovic, Jasmin Elezovic, Tomislav  Antunovic, Edi  Stipcevic, Alma Elezovic and Karen Fagerstrom were invited to provide a panel discussion at the conference entitled “Sarajevo Conversations”, which took place at the law school at University of Sarajevo. All of these GCO participants were active in planning and implementing the 2011 program. The title of the panel dicussion they presented was LEADERSHIP NARRATIVES:  PARTICIPATION IN COMMUNITY BUILDING AND CONFLICT TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS  DURING POST CONFLICT RECOVERY.

Conference themes included:

  • -Role of youth in national development
  • -Entrepreneurship development
  • -Corporate Social Responsibility
  • -Governance and people strengthening practices
  • -Volunteers for development

Here is a link to the conference:

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