Collaborations with Abraham’s Vision, 2008-2009 BIH

Collaboration with Abraham’s Vision/ Summer 2009

GCO expanded its program in summer 2009 to provide a global peace building camp held in Sarajevo from July 6 to July 12.   In partnership with Abraham’s Vision ( GCO prepared a program for young adults from Israel, Palestine and the Balkans in which they shared their experiences and perspectives, their ideas for peace and reconciliation and their hopes for the future.

The Summer 2009 program brought together a group of young adults from the Balkans (many who are part of the GCO community there) and the Jewish American, Palestinian American, Israeli, and Palestinian university students from Abraham’s Vision’s 10-month Vision Program (who begin their experience together embarking on a four week summer educational program in the Balkans).

GCO and Abraham’s Vision partnered to provide this talented and enthusiastic multi-cultural group of participants with a program that included the following activities:

  • peace building workshops
  • discussion groups
  • community building activities
  • creative self expression using art, music and theater
  • recreational and sports events and outings