About Us


Global Children’s Organization (GCO) nurtures children and youth traumatized by intolerance, terrorism, or war by providing summer camps and on-going programs which help them and those who work with them regain hope for the future and prepare to be active participants in building a more peaceful world.


Since 1993, the Global Children’s Organization has provided summer programs to children who have suffered as innocent victims of regional violence.  Our programs are planned, developed and implemented in collaboration and partnership with members of the  communities we serve. Staffed by volunteers from around the world,  GCO programs for children have been inspired by the vision that peace is a possibility, that hope is powerful and that what we do now does indeed matter.


GCO enables children living in daily  proximity to war, intolerance or community violence to reclaim a part of their  childhood as they experience the safe and healing environment of our summer  programs.  GCO creates a safe haven and provides opportunities for play, creative self-expression and friendship. Children who may hold polarized and antagonistic views toward one another participate in a community at camp that respects differences, values collaborative effort and models non-violent resolution of conflict.  As participants live and learn alongside one another in a safe, nurturing environment, hearts, minds and souls are opened to understanding, trust and hope.