Summer 2011 Program

July 2011, in collaboration with Abraham’s Vision, GCO launched a new initiative that included an experiential learning program for college students (STARTING CONVERSATIONS) AND a summer camp for younger children (GIVING CHILDREN HOPE).

Global Children’s Organization (GCO) and Abraham’s Vision (AV)  partnered in preparing a unique and exciting program in Bosnia Herzegovina (BIH). Building on the collaborative efforts GCO and AV have shared in the past three years, this summer’s program connected the participants of AV’s Vision Program, students of Israeli and Palestinian heritage ( and a comparable group of young people of diverse backgrounds from BIH.

The program had two parts. The first part, for college students, explored conflict transformation and community building in an ethnically diverse group. The second part was a GCO summer camp for 7-12 year olds. The college age students participating in the first week worked together as a team in the second week staffing the summer camp for young children.

Cornerstone values and objectives, rooted in many years of experience, that were the foundation of the 2011 GCO project:

Cultural/ethnic exchange in a safe/secure environment;
Valuable because developing meaningful working and friendship relationships with people from backgrounds and histories markedly different that one’s own is a powerful means to counter entrenched stereotypes about “the other”, “the stranger”, “the enemy”.

Community Service:
Valuable because community service is an empowering experience in which we draw on personal strengths and capacities in making a positive, tangible difference to help in the world around us.

Participation in successful group effort focusing on specific and attainable objectives:
Valuable because by working together with others on projects and activities that yield valued and meaningful outcomes, we identify shared values, aspirations and hopes and translate these “into action”.

Envisioning a world for the next generation through preparing camp programs for children:
Valuable because exploring and tapping into one’s hopes and dreams for future through planning and implementing a camp program for the “next generation” we have the tangible experience of building a better world for the children of today and the generations to come, building confidence that we can contribute to making a better world for ourselves and for others.